The Chain of Pain

Be Free by Marian Trindad free photo

Living in the past,
is so easy to do . . .
thinking about the things
that other’s did to you.

Letting go isn’t simple,
there’s no effort in hanging on
and to forget the images
takes an awful lot of brawn.

So, we live with the despair,
the heartaches and the pain
and the peace, God promises
our misery will only drain.

It’s not until we come,
to a place where we forgive
that we’ll find the harmony
in which God intended us to live.

So, if you are in the shackles,
which bind you to the past
let Jesus release the burden
and you’ll be free at last.

The future holds great promise,
to those who give Him their pain
for only Jesus can heal the hurt
of every painful link on the chain !


Psalm 55:22
King James Version

“Cast thy burden upon the Lord,
and he shall sustain thee:
he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.”

Amen and Amen!

Copyright 2013
Deborah Ann Belka

About Deborah Ann

I love the Lord with all my heart and soul. My Holy Spirit inspired poetry tells of my trust in God, my faith in Christ Jesus my Savior and my journey into finding peace that truly passes all understanding. I pray it will be a blessing to all who read it ~ To God Be The Glory! ~ View all posts by Deborah Ann

13 responses to “The Chain of Pain

  • bennetta faire

    This is beautiful, and true–so why, even though I’ve forgiven and been delivered of all that past stuff, does it still rise up and hook me some days? Doesn’t devastate me anymore, but it uses up moments better spent elsewhere. Thanks, and God bless you BIG.


    • theywhoseek

      Yes, and for those who are still chained to the past . . . I pray they will find their release in Jesus. I too have been freed by His grace and mercy and I so want everyone else to know the peace that only Jesus can bring. ~ God Bless and be with you in mighty thunderous way’s . . . did you get any the other day/night?


      • bennetta faire

        Thunder?? Can’t tell around here–we’re in the ginormous flight path, sounds like they’re landing on my ceiling…


        • theywhoseek

          Oh, I love the sound of airplanes going overhead . . . I always think about those who are coming and going . . . my thoughts are happy for those on vacation, sad for those traveling to work, and heartbroken for those who are going home to bury a loved one! Is there any other reason to fly, other than the holidays??? I always say prayers for those on the plane . . . safe trip, landings, take-offs and the like. I guess in you area I would be up all night praying and getting so little sleep. So how far are you from Sea-Tac??? I guess your roof is the emergency landing site!!!


          • bennetta faire

            I’m way north of Sea-Tac–must be the Everett Boeing Field… Well, you can add prayers for me now–as I need more grace for this frequent noise assault (too sensitive).


            • theywhoseek

              Ok . . . earth to God . . . please calm the noise of the airplane flying over sis Caddo’s home. I know that if I lived in the direct flight zone near Boeing ( and we all know the problems they are having with their planes now) I would not like the constant noise and fear of which one would catch on fire before it landed! 🙂 No, really in all seriousness I only hear about three planes a day so it is no big deal and makes it fun . . . but if I were in the direct flight pattern, I too would want the assault too end. I will keep you in my prayers sis . . . you know I love you . . . and care about your situation. God bless you and Sleep In Peace tonight!


  • cottageonstrawberry

    ‘So, if you are in the shackles, which bind you to the past’ and ‘only Jesus can heal the hurt of every painful link on the chain’ – beautiful, inspiring.


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