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If We’re to Shine The Light ~

If we’re to shine the Light, then why more like Jesus aren’t we why is His reflection in us . . . so hard for others to see? If we’re to act as the Light, then why don’t we share why to the Good News don’t we make more people aware? If we’re to live […]

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Called out of the dark, into His Light called out of blindness into new sight. Called out of sin, into holy living called out of selfishness into thanksgiving. Called out of wanting, into being satisfied called out of despair into being gloried. Called out of the world, into everlasting life called out of fear and […]

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A Gospel-Driven Life ~

A Gospel-driven life, is a life worth living its full of power for it knows its calling. It’s a life full of hope, it is Christ-driven it knows by His grace it has been forgiven. A Gospel-driven life, is one full of light it uses God’s Word so darkness it can fight. It’s a life […]

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Snippet of The Day 03.31.17

From the Poem:    A Lively Hope

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From This to That ~

From hopelessness, to elation from death to salvation. From uncertainty, to affirmation from depression to jubilation. From despair, to joyful living from ungrateful to thanksgiving. From restlessness, to tranquility from sinfulness to humility. From rebellion, to compliance from resistance to reliance. From this to that, is what God can do if you will let Him […]

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So Many Who Need Jesus ~

So many needing, to be forgiven so many who . . . are evil driven. So many without, God’s love and grace so many who  . . . after the devil chase. So many dying, an eternal death so many who . . . need Jesus’ saving breath. So many living, without hope so many […]

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The Source of My Confidence ~

The Lord is the source, of my confidence His grace gives me needed temperance. He holds the answer, to all of my fears His mercy tells me He sees all my tears. The Lord is my reason, to keep on living unto Him my trust I will keep on giving. He is the cause, my […]

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Back to The Basics ~

In a spiritual slump, can’t get over the hurdle your zeal and zest for Jesus has all but fizzled and curdled? Going to church each Sunday, but getting nothing out of it living the Way and Life no longer a perfect fit? Well, it’s time to get back, to the basics of faith . . […]

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Where There is Peace ~

Where there is peace, there is thanksgiving where there is praise there is holy living. Where there is calm, there is joyfulness where there is trust there is cheerfulness. Where there is tranquility, there is anticipation where there is hope there is salvation. Where there is serenity, there is reliance where there is faith there […]

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Keep Me Thristy, Lord ~

Keep me thirsty Lord, let not my soul dry out keep me in the Word where hope runs throughout. Keep me thirsty Lord, let not my love wane or wither keep me in the Bible where joy flows like a river. Keep me thirsty Lord, let not my heart shrivel keep me in the Scriptures where […]

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The Anchor that Holds ~

When the winds of adversity, throw you off course . . . there’s an anchor that holds no matter its force. When the seas of calamity, toss you all about . . . there’s an anchor that holds till the danger runs out. When the storms of life, catch you off guard . . . […]

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I Believe ~

I should have fainted, under the weight of grief I should have collapsed under my own disbelief. I should have blacked out, under the depression I should have falling down under the oppression. I should have lost all hope, but instead, I found more tendered in graciousness from the God, I adore. I could have fainted, but […]

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The Well of Life ~

There is a well, it’s as deep as it is long it is full of compassion it holds salvation’s song. It stores living waters, it’ll never run dry or out it contains eternal hope it satisfies, souls in drought. There is a well, it quench’s those thirsty it is full of kindliness it overflows with […]

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Open Up the Bible ~

Need some encouragement, a big shot of inspiration? Then open up the Bible, for a dose of stimulation. Need some instructions, on what you should do? Then open up the Bible, let it educate you. Need some idea, on how to correct your flaws? Then open up the Bible, study God’s righteous laws. Need some bright […]

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Jesus Is ~

Jesus is . . . my eternal Friend the Deliverer of my soul the One who completes me the One who makes me whole. Jesus is . . . my Redeemer the Forgiver of my wrongs the One who blesses me the One who keeps me strong. Jesus is . . . my Helper the […]

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Eternal Perks ~

  Living a godly life, is not very popular today it’s getting much harder to follow the true and righteous way. It can be very lonely, to stand up for what is right when you speak the Gospel truth it becomes a lifelong fight. It takes determination, some good old fashion discipline when you love […]

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My Cup Runneth ~

My cup is full of . . .  Love Joy Peace Hope Rest Light Comfort Faith Trust Power Strength Might Abundant Grace Goodness Tender Mercies Forgiveness Everlasting Life Justice  Loving-Kindness Righteousness Living-Water Faithfulness Blessings Praise and Every Good Thing! What’s brewing in yours? ~~~~~~~ Psalm 23:5 King James Version “Thou preparest a table before me […]

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Chosen By God ~

We are chosen by God, handpicked for His Vine to serve and worship Him share in His glory divine. We have been adopted, embraced for His pleasure a child of His mercy . . . grace without measure We’re being molded, to be holy and blameless into the image of Jesus till we become flawless. […]

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Jesus is The Reason ~

Counting my blessings, beaming in delight Jesus is the reason my heart’s full of light. Believing in God, moving His way Jesus is the reason I live for each day. Walking with joy, leaping in hope Jesus is the reason each day I can cope. Trusting in God, moving closer each day Jesus is the […]

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Be Slow in Your Anger ~

Be slow in your anger, be slow to show your wrath for you are called to peace with self-control as your path. Be not puffed up with pride, be not filled with malice for you’re called to be gentle not thick-skinned and callous. Put off all bitterness and hate, put off the grudge inside you […]

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Harden Not Your Heart ~

Harden not your heart, to your spiritual condition let it not turn cold by your selfish ambition. Let it not turn to stone, like the rebellious one let it not become distant by a grumbling tongue. Harden not your heart, to the Holy Spirit’s leading let it not turn cold by the sins you’re keeping. […]

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The Land of The Unforgiving!

Lord, tonight I fell out of sorts, lonely and a little sad too and I am longing for the day that I’ll be spending with You. The highs and the lows, of this everyday living . . . makes me weary of dwelling in the land of the unforgiving. So many just can’t let go, […]

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Claiming My Birthright

I am claiming my birthright, I’m going to have it certified I am declaring my peace in God I’m going to have it formalized. I am claiming my forgiveness, I’m going to change my ways I am going to trust the Lord with the rest of my living days. I am claiming my inner healing, […]

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May I Be Found Guilty!

When I get to heaven . . . I hope to be found guilty of living my life like my Savior with unconditional love. May I be convicted, of trusting  in the good Word for believing with all my heart the truth that I’ve heard. May I be found at fault, for walking faithfully in […]

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What’s Driving Your Chariot?

Some people are driven by greed, by their lust after worldly things some are driven by their faith and the hope that Jesus brings. Some people are driven by success, by their jobs and the money they earn some are driven by the Word of God and what in their Bible they learn. Some people […]

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Thirsty ~

Lord, I am thirsty, I need more of You . . . for, there’s a spiritual drought right now I am going through. Fill me with fresh hope, take the aridness in my soul away rain on me Your tender mercy renew my heart in You today. Lord, I am thirsty, my arms are opened […]

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My Gift of Trust ~

Lord, I don’t have gold or frankincense, and it seems I’m all out of myrrh but. I’ve a gift just as wonderful and I know You’ll agree and concur. For, what I have to offer You, is more precious to You then these so, I come to You with my treasure and offer it to […]

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Why I am Thankful ~

Why am I thankful, let me count the ways . . . and the first one is because I trust Jesus with all my days. I am thankful for His love, for forgiving me my sin I’m thankful for the Holy Spirit who dwells and lives within. I am thankful for His mercy, His endless […]

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Save the Children ~ Lord

Save the children Lord, give them a roof over head a warm place to sleep rain on them water and bread. Supply them with clothes, and a pair of good shoes Lord, send them someone who’ll share the Good News. Provide them with hope, for a future worth living put upon all of our hearts […]

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Thirsty Souls ~

The soul thirsts, after rivers deep pant like gasps from inside seep. Murmurs heard, from parched lips needing more more ~ than tiny sips. Living waters, or living hell flowing streams or dried up old well. The arid soul, is keen and eager for its full share not what is meager. Spring of hope, scorched […]

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