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A Living Hope ~

I’ve got me a living hope, it’s as real as can be a sure and certain hope that has taken hold of me. I’ve got me a lively hope, once Jesus, I received a sure and certain hope His resurrection, I believe. I’ve got me a future hope, my death is not the end a […]

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Living By Faith ~

Living by faith, and not by sight can give some us an awful fright. But Jesus said, for us not to be afraid nor by what we can’t see to ever be dismayed. Living by faith, and not what is seen is sometimes hard for us to glean. But Jesus knew, what we would face […]

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A Future Of Hope ~

A future filled with hope, is a future worth knowing for out of it are rivers of living water flowing. It’s a future of rest, joy and elation found in the well of eternal salvation. A future filled with hope, is a future God planed for it has been formed by His very own hand. […]

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Anchored in Hope ~

A life anchored in hope, is one worth living it brings about faith praise and thanksgiving. It’s a life full of trust, in God for all things it’s a life secure under His faithful wings. A life rooted in Jesus, is one that is bound it lives not in fear for its mind is sound. […]

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Living In the Light ~

When you live in the light, of eternity . . . you live a life of hope peace and serenity. When you live in anticipation, of Jesus’ return . . . you live with conviction care and concern. When you live in expectation, of a future Kingdom you live with godliness . . . righteousness […]

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The Living Fountain ~

When my soul is parched, from all the weariness . . . when my heart cries out enough ~ to the dreariness. I go to the Living Fountain, sip from the Word of hope praying all the while . . . Lord, give me strength to cope. The Word’s spoken by Jesus, are the streams of […]

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In Quiet Hope ~

My soul waits for the Lord, in quiet hope, I wait . . . for, what else can I do so for Him, I will wait. No need to get restless, caught up in my fears in quiet hope, I wait . . . until my Jesus appears. As problems pile up, adding to my care […]

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Hope Everlasting ~

Hope brings . . . my heart gladness, rest unto my strife Hope gives me courage brings strength to my life. Hope lifts up my soul, fills me full of grace Hope teaches me to wait to seek His Holy face. Hope is my shield, in these days of evil Hope is my escape from the […]

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Living Water ~

Are you happy, are you satisfied does your life now leave you gratified? Or are you wanting, something else something you can’t find within yourself? Are you comfortable, are you content have all that you need in any event? Or are you finding, there has to be more though you have it all you still […]

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A Living God ~

I worship a living God, the only one there is every nation, every man in the universe are His. There’s no mother nature, trees don’t have a soul nor rocks or birds in the air over Him have control. He’s a God of power, mighty are His works unlike the other gods who have worldly […]

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The Reason for My Hope ~

I believe in God, in all of His glorious creation I believe He made the heavens and the earth’s foundation. I believe that man, came from but dust I believe it’s God’s image He puts into all of us. I believe that Satan, is the cause for our fallen state I believe it’s still his […]

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A Lively Hope ~

I’ve got me a lively hope, a perpetual supply of grace for I know one glorious day I’m going to see God face to face. I’ve got me a transforming hope, an abundant supply of favor mercy beyond all cost or measure in the Lord my eternal Savior. I’ve got me an active hope, and […]

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Hope On ~

Hope on, all you who are in despair, hope on, knowing He will forever care rest in the promises of your Savior and God will bless you with His favor. Hope on, all you who are suffering, hope on, let His mercy do the buffering know that this too shall pass and end and your […]

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Snippet of The Day 01.08.17

From the Poem:    A Living Hope

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Snippet of The Day 10.06.16

From the Poem:    A Living Hope

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The Merry Heart ~

The merry heart, in God has peace its full of joy that does not cease. It wears a smile, even when its sad for the joyful heart is always glad. The merry heart, exudes cheerfulness its full of delight imparts happiness. It trusts in God, in and for all things for it is thankful for […]

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All Things Made New ~

Born again, all things made new all because Jesus died just for you. A new creature, He has created your life for His He has awaited. A new beginning, a clean fresh start now that Jesus lives in your heart. A living hope, each day to renew with Jesus everything is made brand new. Born […]

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His Light Bearers ~

Bible preachers, mercy teachers, sharing with all the Good News power keepers, soul reapers doing our best to fill His shoes. Love producers, peace makers, helping those who are in need trust imparters, faith informers looking for His lost sheep to feed. Hope distributors, calm givers, paving the way with His light God seekers, Jesus […]

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My Dearest Child ~

Come My dearest child, so rest I may give come find the peace of those I forgive. Let Me take from you, your worry and care for on the cross for you your burdens I did bear. Come my dearest child, so hope I can bring come find the faith to trust Me in and […]

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Lay Your Treasure ~

Put no value in the things, living in this world brings for they will only just corrupt and in the end self-destruct. Lay instead your treasure, in things you cannot measure things like faith, hope and trust for they’ll never turn into rust. Put no worth in material things, things like cars and diamond rings […]

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Harden Your Heart Not ~

Harden not your heart, to your spiritual condition let it not turn cold by your selfish ambition. Let it not turn callous, like the rebellious one let it not become distant by a grumbling tongue. Harden not your heart, to the Spirit’s leading let it not turn frigid by the sins you’re keeping. Let it […]

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Keep Irrigated ~

My soul is like a garden, where God’s Word I grow I turn it over each day so faith I can sow. It’s planted with grace, hope, mercy and love provided by God daily from above. It often needs weeding, and a herbicide so all the bad fruit can be cast aside. When it gets […]

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We All Thirst ~

We all thirst, we all want more . . . more hope, more love we all yearn for. We all need, spiritual refreshment we all need in Jesus to make an investment. We all thirst, we all want more more joy, more bliss we all hunger for. We all need, to come to the well […]

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Under The Umbrella Of God’s Love ~

Under God’s umbrella, of His merciful love all of us He protects from His throne above. He shields our weary hearts, covers our worried minds so that His perfect peace we can always come to find. Under God’s umbrella, of Jesus’ forgiving grace are the spokes of trust to keep us going in the race. […]

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Wonderful Is His Name ~

His name is Wonderful, Faithful and True He was came into the world so He could save you. His name is Eternal Life, Deliverer, Lord of All He became flesh to forgive all who on His name call. His name is the Truth, The Light, Way and Life by a virgin He was born to […]

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Why Are You Weeping ~

Why are you weeping why the tears why do you live out all of your fears? What is your sorrow, what is your grief what has you living in disbelief? Who made you think, My love wasn’t true who made you believe I would desert you? Where is your hope, who made you doubt . […]

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Life Is Like A Road Trip ~

  Life is like a road trip, a long winding excursion requiring from us lots of physical exertion. But we often get, mentally fatigued and need a rest stop so to be relieved. Jesus is that stop, the oasis of our hope where living waters fill us with the strength to cope. Life is a […]

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My Spiritual Wants ~

My spiritual wants, every day are met over them I’ve no need to worry or fret. For when I’m hungry, on the Word I feed it supplies my soul with the faith I need. When I am thirsty, I go to the water of Life for it gives me hope in the drought of strife. […]

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Thank You Father, For My Risen Savior ~

My Father who’s in heaven, today I bring my praise my thankfulness to You I just want to raise. I thank You for Your Son, who died on the cross for me I’m grateful for His grace that from sin has set me free. I thank you for the Holy Spirit, my seal of redemption […]

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If We’re to Shine The Light ~

If we’re to shine the Light, then why more like Jesus aren’t we why is His reflection in us . . . so hard for others to see? If we’re to act as the Light, then why don’t we share why to the Good News don’t we make more people aware? If we’re to live […]

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Called out of the dark, into His Light called out of blindness into new sight. Called out of sin, into holy living called out of selfishness into thanksgiving. Called out of wanting, into being satisfied called out of despair into being gloried. Called out of the world, into everlasting life called out of fear and […]

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