Sticky Note From God~ 08.02.19~

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I love the Lord with all my heart and soul. My Holy Spirit inspired poetry tells of my trust in God, my faith in Christ Jesus my Savior and my journey into finding peace that truly passes all understanding. I pray it will be a blessing to all who read it ~ To God Be The Glory! ~ View all posts by Deborah Ann

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    I must thank Sarah Premkumar for the nomination.  It is a blessing to be a blessing, to God be The glory, Amen.
    I was nominated for the Liebster Award, do check it out!
    11 facts about me
    1. It is amazing to glorify God in ALL my actions. It gives me joy, Hallelujah!
    2. I took life as it came and had the most amazing experience ever. Some may think it awful, but the fact that “ALL things work together for good in the lives of those who Love God and are called according to His purpose” is so very true! I was in as is described by family a “near fatal Motor Vehicle Accident”. I experienced a life changing experience and give God all the glory, Amen
    3. Prior to my accident, I would try to read The Word. I would not live it. Yet in all things we must be thankful to our Father. So, I give thanks to God, Amen. God is Beyond AWESOME! By God’s grace, I  live in The Word and I am learning to live The Word.
    4. The experience? I was in a Motor Vehicle Accident. Head injuries, broken arm, right sided paralysis… God be praised!!! By God’s grace I have function, a mind to praise and glorify God in my all, Amen.
    5. To share what happened; I thought I was dreaming.  First, I had the worst nightmare I have ever had! When I say worst, it was the worst! Here, family and Sistren/Brethren kept me in prayer.  Before the accident, I had prayed that The LORD be with me on the motorcycle ride to Niagara Falls from a place near Albany, NY.
    6. To describe the nightmare is frankly impossible. The absence of The presence of God starts to touch on this portion of the experience. God is over The Universe! The Earth is God’s footstool.  He sees all is aware of all. When you pray, The Word says to enter your closet and The Lord Who sees you in private will reward you in the sight of Man.
    7. After the nightmare I had the most wordlessly awesomely experience I have ever had! Peace, beauty, awesomeness! The absence of “Time.” Hard to explain this, but I was in the coma for weeks. In my ‘dream’ for minutes, Yes! I was blessed to experience so much, I thought it was on fast forward! My entire life was revealed to me! Times I was walking right were blank! I had no reason to give for occasions where I stepped wrong!
    8. In my ‘dream’, there were no trees, buildings, houses, vehicles, animals…I had perfect sight and was bathed in the most awesome light that should have hurt my eyes, but bathed me in a peace that passes all understanding!
    9. I was given a choice! Stay or go. I had cases (being a Surgeon) the ‘next’ day, not only that, but the desire to see my family was pressing, I asked to ‘wake up’. There was a body of water, I wished to cross; how? I have no idea. But was moved to not cross. I did not!
    10. A few of the amazing things I experienced were no extremities; I was and knew where I was physically, but in a dream you see your extremities I did not. Clothing? Everyone I saw seemed to have the same attire. A single piece of something that covered them. There were no body parts! You simply knew where an individual was. Everyone was ‘dressed’ the same!
    The place I stood was covered in gems, I did not scrape for they were, thinking it was merely a ‘dream’ and given my salary (not that in my ‘dream’ I had any remembrance) but knowing (I thought) that it was merely a ‘dream’, I did not touch.
    10. The Word is living! It is ALL connected and is ONE! You can go through Genesis to Revelations and it is all from The Same Source. Centuries, Millenia between writing, different people; different locations, different times! The same story? Gives you goosebumps thinking about it. In essence all who were led to write had a common thread! Seem to have been led by The Same Essence. Think The Word is all from One Source!
    11. What an AWESOME God we serve! Hallelujah. I was allowed back for a reason, Amen. I write both here and on FB with and by God’s grace shares and have been blessed with the ability to bless people ( To God be ALL The glory, Amen.
    11 questions for you. I am nominating you for the blessing you bring. Amazingly, we are 1 blessed family, Amen.
    1. What is your testimony?
    2. How did you come to know Christ?
    3. Biggest challenge that God has brought you through?
    4. Your favorite Bible verse/verses? And why?
    5. Who have you shared with? Chore? Habit or blessing?
    6. Your biggest/most profound dream?
    7. What is your most profound dream?Do you dream?
    8. What verse has given you most comfort that you would like to share.
    9. Do you have “quiet time”? What have you been led to share and/or do in a session or should I ask what the most profound leading is or was?
    10. Share how much you Love/need/are led by God.
    11. What is the message you wish to share with this nomination?

    I am nominating you. Thank you for being a blessing.


    • Deborah Ann

      Thank you so much for the nomination. I am one of those who does not want any awards for my blog. Knowing my poetry encourages others is reward enough. I am always appreciative of the awards others have given me as they do encourage me to continue serving the Lord in this way. So thank you for encouraging me today with this lovely honor! ~ Blessings ~


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