Sticky Note From God 05.31.16

Sticky Note From God ~ CHRISTian poetry by deboran ann ~ 05.31.16 ~

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I love the Lord with all my heart and soul. My Holy Spirit inspired poetry tells of my trust in God, my faith in Christ Jesus my Savior and my journey into finding peace that truly passes all understanding. I pray it will be a blessing to all who read it ~ To God Be The Glory! ~ View all posts by Deborah Ann

21 responses to “Sticky Note From God 05.31.16

  • Chris

    Amen. I’m sick of this evolution indoctrination. It permeates our schools, but I combat it any time I confront it as a substitute teacher. I know how to do this without getting in trouble. 🙂


    • Deborah Ann

      I saw my grandson go from a confessing Christian to a now confessing atheist after only four years in high school! I can’t even talk to him about God or Jesus anymore without him telling me I am wrong and full of fear. That I cling to my religion just so I won’t go to hell. That the Bible is full of holes and only fools believe what it says . . . . I could go on and on . . . so now he is in college and I know they will finish what the public schools started. If I had children I would home school them and not send them off to college unless it was a Christian one and I would even have concerns over them too. Hurry Lord Jesus and come! Amen and Amen.


      • Chris

        We must show our children both “theories” and let them decide which is the truth. The evidence (not proof) for creation over evolution is beginning to become overwhelming the more that science learns. Evolutionists have no answers to very basic questions, whereas Creationists like me are becoming more confident that science continues to point to a Creator.

        They are brainwashing our kids and only giving them one option. The option is a belief system based on faith because it cannot be proven.

        My son (21) has been hanging around me long enough to know the evidences of Creation and how it fits so well with what we see and experience. Whenever some “huge discovery” that seems to give evolution some credibility is mentioned in the news media, it is never followed up with the rest of the story, which is always that the information winds up on a shelf because no one is sure what it means or it is discredited. Sometimes it takes decades to discredit but it eventually happens.

        I was finishing up my “professional development” hours for teaching the other day. It involves taking online classes to keep one up to date with the latest.

        I was taking a class on reading to children. The target group was 3rd graders and the book was about birds.

        Do you know what was in that 3rd grade book, Deborah Ann? It was the timeline that evolutionists continue to use in spite of evidence against it. It had a chart with discussed the different eras that happened over millions of years.

        The educators were not concerned in the least about what was being taught. Their concern was that the material was being taught so that the children could understand the material.

        The book got high marks for its “clarity” and “content.”

        Like I “said,” it’s clearly brainwashing. Any opportunity I get in the public schools is used to express that evolution is a theory and not a fact as implied.

        Evolutionists are very upset that in spite of all the efforts to convince our children, over half still believe in a Creator mostly because their parents do. Unfortunately, things have swung their way in much of the world.

        I was “talking” to an atheist who lives in Singapore. She is unique in that she is pretty honest and she is kind. I will continue to discuss with her as long as she treats me the way I treat her.

        It was hard to pull it out of her but she thinks that there is something wrong with my brain because I believe in God and a literal creation exactly as the Bible describes. The Nordic countries are also very bad when it comes to percentages of folks who believe in evolution. Many are members of the state church but half of them say they are not when asked if they are a Christian.

        The evolutionists are frustrated with America in particular.

        He is on His way, Deborah Ann, of that there is no doubt…


        • Deborah Ann

          It is brainwashing . . . I can remember even when I was in the public education system and the literature I was reading about the evolution of man. I was a Catholic back then and really did not know much about the Bible since church was just a boring two-hours of standing and kneeling and listening to someone who spoke in words I did not understand. But, I did not believe that man evolved from apes or whatever else they taught. I believed God created all things so there was no “brainwashing” me for it was heart knowledge that I had and not head knowledge! It’s hard to talk to atheists or agnostics, when I do they won’t let me finish my statement before calling me names and telling me I am stupid. I applaud you for being able to carry on a conversation with this lady and will pray the Lord will use you to set her free!

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          • Chris

            I have been called the names, too, because that’s all one can do when one isn’t godly and has no answers. Thank you for your prayers. I asked on the forum if anyone had ever changed their main belief system on that website which I have gone to for several years for little bits of time. It’s the same old stuff over and over. The answer didn’t surprise me. Not one person said that they had had a major belief change because of that site. It’s mostly a bunch of evolutionists with the occasional Christian popping in.


            • Deborah Ann

              I think I need to work on this . . . the having better answers for their questions. They just confuse me . . . my faith is so childlike, but I know I am to have an answer for the hope that is in me and that I am to give that answer in a humble way. So when they start throwing their name out I usually just shut up . . . I don’t think its me shutting up, because I know I could call them names right back, but it is the Holy Spirit who quiets me as even my mind goes blank!

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              • Chris

                You don’t have to know any science. Holding to scripture is the best science as God has written it and how can they reply except to say that you are wrong..or call you names.
                I will give you one good question you can ask that I have recently simplified.

                “Let’s not even consider how the watch got here or how it was created.”

                “Let’s not try and figure out how the corner got there where we will throw the watch”

                “Take a watch. Take the battery out. Remove the two straps that connect your watch to your wrist.”

                “You should now have either 4 or 6 items.”

                “You will have 6 items if the watch had those little metal parts that are used to connect the bands. You will have 4 pieces if the bands have something like Velcro on them to connect them to the watch.”

                “Throw the 4 or 6 pieces into the corner described.”

                “Without any outside intervention will the watch be put together and working in 1000 years? 1 million years? 1 billion years? 10 billion years?”

                I have found that most will say no or that they will say the watch has disintegrated within a certain period of time. Both are the best answers because I don’t see how the parts could just put themselves together no matter how many years there are.

                Evolution needs many years for things to “happen.” It is why the theory keeps making things older and older.

                My question to anyone is this:

                “Do you understand how complex the cell is?”

                The correct answer to this is “no” even for the most learned of scientists. They know it is very complex but no one has discovered everything about the cell.

                Last question:

                “Thus, if a cell is infinitely more complex to the point that we don’t understand it, along with the almost certain impossibility that a watch cannot fix itself no matter how long one gives it: How did a cell just happen?”

                I think it’s a head scratcher. There are so many other evidences that there is a creator. Romans 1 states this:

                “18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth [l]in unrighteousness, 19 because that which is known about God is evident [m]within them; for God made it evident to them. 20 For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.”

                Thus, your knowledge of God existed even when you when you went to a boring 2 hour church service. Men suppress their knowledge of God until the consciences are seared. The reasons are many and I won’t go there here but it all goes back to sin, and those who do not know, or who do not want to know about the mercy of God.

                Now that you are thoroughly confused with my babbling, I will be off.


                • Deborah Ann

                  I had to take time to read this and then over the weekend I got a horrible migraine. I always had a hard time understanding why anyone would believe the “cell theory” I read a lot about it years ago and understood how the theory went, but it all seemed so far fetched to me and it is so much similar to believe that God created it all . . . I like the simpleness of the Gospel and the truth it holds. Science confuses the heck out of me so I will take my childlike faith and believe God’s word that He did it! I also believe that “Men suppress their knowledge of God until the consciences are seared” is the main factor behind the delusion and Satan is the creator of that delusion!!!!

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                  • Chris

                    “Unless you become like a child, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.”

                    If this caused a migraine, I suggest you read no more of this type of thing. As I am interested in scientists who think they know better than the Bible, I post articles like this for those whom God has wired that way. I don’t care how smart someone is the verse above holds true. The Gospel is a simple message that can be understood by very young children. There is no reason to mess with it.
                    Evolution takes so many people to left field, that I feel I must deal with it to try and help Christians who struggle with the issue.
                    You are a dear one my friend…


                    • Deborah Ann

                      I am that child!

                      No, the migraine happened a few days latter . . . I get them for about 5 months every year and they are horrible as I get the aura with them and then for days I feel this fog hanging around in my head. They call it a “migraine hangover” and I can’t wait till its over!

                      The only evolution I believe in would show the stages of man turning away from God! Wish I could draw this out but that’s the one that makes most sense to me.

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                    • Chris

                      Oh, good. I wouldn’t want to cause you any pain. It is an interesting thing this “hangover.” Maybe it will decrease as you get older. This is what has happened with my wife.
                      And Darwinian evolution…it is a theory with more and more holes in it all of the time.


                    • Deborah Ann

                      I wish, but I did not start getting them until I was older.New studies show that when they appear in your “golden years” they indicate a possible stroke for the future. I see my doc in a few weeks to discuss things again. In the meantime, I live as if day could be the last one I write for Jesus and so I continue on “hangover” and all.

                      Talking about “hangovers” evolution leave me with one too 🙂

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                    • Chris

                      Any one of us could be taken out of this world in a variety of ways. I’m glad you are seeing a doctor. Some people think that their faith is so great that doctors are unnecessary. I always wonder what these people think about Jesus having a doctor write one of the gospels.

                      “Evolution hangover”…that’s a good one.


                    • Deborah Ann

                      I always pray first and I take my trust in God with me. It has prepared me well, for the five surgeries I have had in the last thirty-years. I came out of one and the nurse said I sat straight up and had a huge grin on my face she had me lay back down (I just had my neck fused in three places) and said she never seen anything like it before.I told her I was just so happy that Jesus brought me through the surgery safely 🙂

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                    • Chris

                      You are a Wounded Warrior my friend. My daughter is one of those. You both inspire me.


                    • Deborah Ann

                      I think it is true for all of us! I wrote a poem once about all of us being wounded. I’ll have to go back and find it and read it again. ~ Hope you are having a wonderful, relaxing week 🙂 ~

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                    • Chris

                      Great that it reminded you of something. I am having a busy but good week, thanks. I hope you are too. 🙂


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