Sticky Note to God 09.11.15

Sticky Note To God ~ CHISTian Poetry by Deborah Ann ~ 09.11.15 ~

About Deborah Ann

I love the Lord with all my heart and soul. My Holy Spirit inspired poetry tells of my trust in God, my faith in Christ Jesus my Savior and my journey into finding peace that truly passes all understanding. I pray it will be a blessing to all who read it ~ To God Be The Glory! ~ View all posts by Deborah Ann

18 responses to “Sticky Note to God 09.11.15

  • The True Light!

    Man I need Him for this today! Guess we need it everyday…


    • deborah ann

      We sure do but when we are hurting and our bodies our broken it makes us all that much more aware of just how much we need Him to carry us. How are you doing? I have been out with a bad back can only sit at my computer for 5 minutes or so! I am weary from the lack of sleep and the constant pain but God is holding me up and carrying me through each day! ~ Blessings ~

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      • The True Light!

        Ouch! I’m doing a bit better than you it sounds like Deborah! You gotta stop jumping and running with those grandkids, little lady! 🙂

        Oh, I just came from therapy, my next to last visit. I’ll be doing better in 2-3 weeks I believe, I hope, I PRAY!!


        • deborah ann

          I am praying too . . . my back is getting better but last time it went out like this it took a year of “ouches” before it was better 😦

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          • The True Light!

            Awww…let’s not hope for that again! I pray it heals up quickly for you and that the Lord gives you comfort quickly!



            • deborah ann

              Me and my heating pad thank you😀

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              • The True Light!

                Hey not a problem Deborah Ann. Got one of “them there” heating pads too! They send them now automatically with your AARP membership…(LOL!)



                • deborah ann

                  Well, now I have the heating pad on my back and an ice pack on my foot! Missed a step on my stairs and busted it! Woe is me . . . funny this happened right after I wrote “Why Me” 🙂 All is good! ~ Blessings ~

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                  • The True Light!

                    Deborah Ann, forget about praying for me, I need to pray for you! Sounds like you are determined to run out of heating pads and ice!

                    Stop it lady…LOL!



                    • deborah ann

                      You know I learned a long time ago that God is always up to something . . . so I just go with the flow. Going to DR this afternoon to see what needs to be done next and praying no surgery 🙂 I will still keep you in my prayers and appreciate yours. Stay tuned . . . Have a blessed day

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                    • The True Light!

                      Oh the very best to you, Deborah Ann. May you not have to have any surgery at all. Maybe they have a therapy plan to help you out.

                      “Lord, help Deborah in healing her back and all other ailments she may have without any surgeries and in the most pain-free way possible. IJN, Amen!”

                      Steve 🙂


                    • deborah ann

                      Yeah, no surgeries . . . a walking cast for 4-6 weeks now that should slow me down some 🙂 My foot is still really swollen and getting black and bluer by the day feels as bad as it looks. Ice has become my new best friend! Thank you for your prayers I can feel them all the way up here. You should be packing and not playing on your computer . . . Paying you will have a safe and fun journey ahead and will look forward to your return. ~ Blessings to you and yours ~ Deborah Ann

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                    • The True Light!

                      Well, a walking cast is better than surgery at least. I know about the friendship with Ice too. Had that going for a while right after my fall back in July!

                      Yes, I need to pack some more, but did some yesterday. As long as my wife is happy with my progress, I’m good…LOL!

                      Hope you get better quickly, Deborah Ann.



                    • deborah ann

                      Well as long as your wife is happy than I am happy. I am the one who usually does most all of the packing.

                      I see the road to recovery right around the corner may take me awhile to limp around it though. 🙂

                      But, I am so very grateful that the Good Lord protected me from something more serious. Thank You Jesus!

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                    • The True Light!

                      That’s the attitude, Deborah Ann! Look for the good in any of the bad that comes along. Sometimes, the only good may be that the problem may have been worse!

                      Oh, and my wife does do more of the packing than I do!



                    • deborah ann

                      ” Oh, and my wife does do more of the packing than I do!”

                      I knew it!

                      And yes when the bad things come along I take the time to learn a lesson or two from them. I consider them all growing times and refuse to have pity parties or play the “blame game.” Though I am not happy to be in this situation I am making the best of it and catching up with a lot of things that don’t require me to get up and move around.

                      All is well with my soul, it is my back, neck and foot that hurts :-/ but this too shall pass 🙂 Amen and Amen!!

                      ~ Have a blessed day with our friend Jesus ~

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                    • The True Light!

                      You are a tough one Deborah Ann! I don’t worry too much about you, nor people like you. You are the kind who just go through things and lean on the Lord for strength…(maybe some friends and family too… 🙂 ).

                      And yes, my wife is a smarter packer than I am. She’s a bit smarter about efficient packing than me. What can I say…



                    • deborah ann

                      Tough as the nails as they used on Jesus! I do depend on Jesus more than I do on people. People dissapoint Jesus never does 🙂

                      But, I am differntly counting on people to help me out while I recover and feel so blessed to have my husband and daughter so willing to be my foot for me 🙂 I do count on them for other things too and they are always there for me.

                      You don’t have to say , , , anything else. I get it 🙂 Women rock at packing 🙂 ~ Blessings ~


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