Sticky Note From God 07.21.15

Sticky Note From God ~ CHRISTian poetry by deboran ann ~ 07.21.15 ~

About Deborah Ann

I love the Lord with all my heart and soul. My Holy Spirit inspired poetry tells of my trust in God, my faith in Christ Jesus my Savior and my journey into finding peace that truly passes all understanding. I pray it will be a blessing to all who read it ~ To God Be The Glory! ~ View all posts by Deborah Ann

18 responses to “Sticky Note From God 07.21.15

  • The True Light!

    Hi there! Hey I haven’t heard from you in several days. I went to visit your site a couple of days ago, but was having some computer problems. How are you doing? Hope all is well with you…



    • deborah ann

      Hi Steve . . . Been keeping busy with grandkids and such. I didn’t notice you around either so I am glad we are back in touch. Has God opened any new doors for you? He has really but a burden on my heart for this country and I have been doing a lot of praying! How have you been?

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      • The True Light!

        Well, as a matter of fact, I have recently had a situation take place in my life which has drawn me back to a closer trust and love of my Lord!

        The details are not as important as the last part of that statement. I had been falling away from my prayer life and the realization I need Him daily. It’s so important to incorporate daily devotion to Him into our lives!

        As for this country, I don’t blame you for being concerned. We are becoming more vile in His sight each day! Politicians and lawmakers are helping to destroy our country piece by piece, and never seem to turn back to the only true God!!

        But as Christians, we need to be even more concerned with “coming out” from the world so that we aren’t caught up in its sins. Then we need to stand up for the Christian way of life no matter how unpopular it is…

        By the way, grandkids are great, but they can be tiring to keep up with! I have four of them myself, all between 5-12 yrs. old. Whew!!

        Hey, I hope to talk with you again soon, Debby. Have a great day!



        • deborah ann

          Steve, so glad your relationship with the Lord is getting closer. It is such a delight to know that He is always waiting for us to draw nearer to Him. Some think He should be the one who draws us . . . I think He leaves it in our hands, as He is always there for us. Prayer is so important and I know we both agree on this as we have talked about it before. “Coming Out” I like that . . . I see a poem coming out of it 🙂 I love all my grandchildren, all 8 of them! They range from 21 to 4 1/2!!!!The ones who live close are 9,7 and 4 1/2. All boys, all fun, all silly, all who love Jesus! Hope you are having a blessed day today! Debby

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          • The True Light!

            This is really great to hear from you, Debby! Yes, the Lord is always calling us unto Him, but we must make the choice to follow. He will not force us to do so.

            Glad you like the “coming out” phrase. If you do something with that, it will be fantastic I know.

            I have 4 grandkids myself, if I haven’t said, ages 5 to 12 years…the oldest is a girl…(boys are showing an interest!)

            I have come a ways in my relationship with the Lord, but I have much more to do to draw closer to His “image.”

            I suppose we all do need to adopt more of His loving traits and virtues…

            Enjoy your day,


            • deborah ann

              Steve, it’s crazy how July is almost over and soon it will be Fall . . . I love Fall everything about it and can’t wait for its arrival . . . things slow down and there is more time to do what I love which is study and read my Bible to see what God has for me to do, or say or be 🙂

              I am working on the coming out thing . . . but usually my poems are written with a scripture in mind, one that I have studied so I have to find one that will work and just haven’t had the time!!!

              Grandchildren are a true blessing and I am so thankful that my daughter is bringing up some fine young Christian men . . . I love watching these young hearts confess such childlike faith just like we should have 🙂

              My relationship with the Lord grows more and more each day . . . He showers on me His grace, mercy and love so that I may sprinkle it around as I go. I work on the image but still don’t like what I see . . . don’t think I ever will!!!

              ~ Have a blessed and joyous day with Jesus ~

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              • The True Light!

                Hey lady! Wow, I’m not sure what you mean by the “coming out thing,” but you sure came up with a bunch of sharing here!

                I also love the fall/winter months. People say ‘but you live in California. How mild the fall and winters are for you!’

                Well, yes, compared to months in most of the country. But I love the seasons, and wish that I lived somewhere where the change of seasons really reflect a lot of difference.

                And I agree with you that God is so awesome with His generous love, mercy, and grace! In fact, I just did a small picture post on His generosity.

                My love for the Lord is always changing, and sometimes it reflects like the seasons. At times, it is “cooler,” like fall or winter.

                Other times it burns hotter like a spring warming up to summer. But one things which never happens is that God is never “out of season” with me!

                Praise Him and His love for me and for all of us…

                Enjoy your day, and family too!



                • deborah ann

                  You mentioned the “coming out” thing in one of your comments. So I said that I was going to do a poem about it. Only I will be coming out to the world as a CHRISTIAN who is not afraid to speak against the immorality, sin, corruption, evilness and darkness that I see.

                  I lived in CA for 42 years and never saw all the four seasons like I do now. But, can remember wonderful seasonal changes when I was there.

                  God is full of wonderful gifts that He give us daily and I am so thankful for each one. I love when I just take the time to appreciate all He has given me and will continue to provide for me.

                  Yes, we do seems to have seasons too in our relationship with God . . . sometime I wonder how can I be in a spiritual drought when it rains 302 days of the year up here 🙂

                  Hope your having a blessed day with Jesus!

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                  • The True Light!

                    My day was just made better by this reply! I have had such a moment as you speak of here myself…and just recently!

                    I’ve been in the state of California for over 60 years now and I see the one single season…a season of unpreparedness spiritually.

                    The liberal vision and paths which we have taken for some time now has made us an example before the other states, but something rather unsightly in the eyes of God I’m afraid!

                    We do need to go in almost the opposite direction from the path we’re on to find the Godly way of life. Much of the nation is in the same circumstance as California.

                    I love our nation, and I believe we had ties to the God of heaven when we began this country. But we haven’t kept to that road!

                    For the love of God and country, I would that we wake up and look to our past to find our future!



                    • deborah ann

                      Glad to have made your day better Steve . . . feel a little like Dirty Haryy 🙂 Yes, CA and all of the west and east coasts seem to be the immoral melting pot of this nation. I remember going to Frisco when I was a young girl with my family and spending the day walking around. I was there a few years ago and refused to go for a walk in the same areas I did when I was a young girl. What once help special memories is now smudged with the open sin I saw. To go in the opposite direction will take a revival . . . and I am not sure this country would recognize it if it did happen. I am afraid we are too far down the road and there is no turning back thanks to the Christian hating mentality of the far left and the ACLU!!!

                      All we can do is pray for the souls who are following these evil ways!

                      So sad to see happening 😦

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                    • The True Light!

                      I am in full agreement with all that you’ve said here Deborah! People ask prayers for this and other nations, but many are too far gone from the ways of the Lord that all we have left is to pray for the individuals. God is a very “person to person” Lord anyway…

                      I lived in SF for about 7 years back in the 1990’s and it was sad then. Now…I can only imagine!

                      Steve 🙂


                    • deborah ann

                      Reading a great book right now called the Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn . . . looks like we are on the path to recieving God’s judgment for our lack of repentance. This country is in for trouble and its all in God’s plans. Sad to see, but I can so understand the wrath of God. He hates sin and must deal with it here and all around the world. I study the book of Revelation and the USA is not going to be a part of the world power!

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                    • The True Light!

                      I don’t profess to know all about the metaphorical terms used in Revelation, Daniel, etc.

                      I can say I believe there are some clear “gems” of knowledge throughout scripture which seem to point to God’s physical judgments on earth.

                      I believe we are in the “last days” but they could go on for another two weeks or 10, 000 years. God may be mad, and even sad, but He loves so much He is so patient with us…



                    • deborah ann

                      Yes, He is pateint with us . . . but, for how long no one knows and we all must be ready in a twinkling of an eye and that is pretty darn quick 🙂

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                    • The True Light!

                      For that very reason we are taught to live prepared all the time for His return…



                    • deborah ann

                      Indeed we are and I try really I do 🙂

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