Sticky Note From God 04.05.15

Sticky Note From God ~ CHRISTian poetry by deboran ann ~04.06.15~

About Deborah Ann

I love the Lord with all my heart and soul. My Holy Spirit inspired poetry tells of my trust in God, my faith in Christ Jesus my Savior and my journey into finding peace that truly passes all understanding. I pray it will be a blessing to all who read it ~ To God Be The Glory! ~ View all posts by Deborah Ann

28 responses to “Sticky Note From God 04.05.15

  • The True Light!

    The things which are waiting for the faithful in heaven must be beyond the words to describe them! It’s exciting and mind-blowing to consider it all!



    • deborah ann

      Indeed it is and I can’t wait fo the choir to begin 🙂 Steve, there is nothing on your blog that tells me anything about you and I was wondering how long you have been a Christian. Share if you want or not just being curious. I think it will be many years as you seem very mature in your faith. ~ Blessings in Jesus ~ Deborah Ann

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      • The True Light!

        What a wonderful thing to say, Deborah Ann…thank you so much!

        I have been involved in study/teaching the word of the Lord in various ways for over 40 years now.

        I was baptized into Christ at age 13, but spent several years “in and out” of the faithful walk.

        Fortunately for me, the Lord never gave up on me! He has always watched over me my entire life and now I want to grow ever closer to Him and His ways.

        I am still such a sinner, but my life is more devoted to Him as I go on in life. His grace is my greatest hope, as it is for all of His children.

        And how about you? Care to share a bit about your life? I am always curious about others in the faith…



        • deborah ann

          I too came to Christ early, around 11 and had the “in and out of” experienced as you did.
          I learned so much from being “out” there that it makes me even more grateful for being “in” there.
          The walk of faith is not easy and I just wasn’t grounded enough in it.
          My church life was going from one church to another as my folks were always looking for a better church.
          So I became a “gypsy” in faith as well. I always doubted I was saved and needed constant reassurance that I was.
          I was indeed a “babe” for many years and that is why I am able to spot those who are “mature” in their faith.
          I too am thankful that Jesus wasn’t about to forget me . . . and when I finally got that I was one hopeless sinner . . .
          He was able to let me see what His grace, mercy, forgiveness and peace were really all about.

          Praise the Lord!

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          • The True Light!

            This is such a beautiful testimony to the enduring love and faithfulness which God has for His children.

            Even when we sin, or “wander off” the path at times, He is gracious to forgive the one who repents and comes back to Him.

            And if we have matured in the process, we will want to stay in His loving Light, for this world has nothing like it to offer!

            I am so glad you took the time to honestly share your story, Deborah Ann! May the Lord continue to bless you in your life…

            And you can share at any time your thoughts, questions, and discoveries right here…



            • deborah ann

              Amen! He never fails us, only we Him . . . He is always faithful to us and welcomes home all those who have lost their way at some point or points in their life . . . now that is true love! ~ Blessings to you today and always Steve ~

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              • The True Light!

                Deborah Ann…your heart is showing through again 🙂

                What you have said is so true. In (Hebrews 13:5), we read that the Lord will never leave us nor forsake us.

                How often did Israel depart from Him, and yet He always restored them unto Himself. How often have I wandered, and yet He has never left me back.

                No matter the case, be it an entire nation or just one person, He will take the penitent soul back into His fold.

                Yes, the Lord will eventually cut some “dead branches,” but that is the point…they are dead to Him and His word.

                May we never get to that point in life! Always good to hear from you, my dear.

                Have a fantastic day…



                • deborah ann

                  Praise the Lord . . . He is just as anxious for the lost soul to be saved as well as the wandering one to return. Ah, such love, mercy and grace has He for all!
                  ~ Blessings ~

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                  • The True Light!

                    Absolutely true. The Father loves us all and doesn’t want anyone to perish, but all to be saved.

                    Even the angels in heaven rejoice when one is saved or decides to return to his “first love.”

                    Have a super day, Deborah Ann…



                    • deborah ann

                      Ah, “first love” how true this is Steve. There just isn’t anything as wonderful as His love for us! You too have a super duper day basking in His love for you 🙂 ~ Blessings ~

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                    • The True Light!

                      Blessings to you as well, Deborah Ann! Thanks for your continued encouragement and support!



                    • deborah ann

                      Happy to do so 🙂 ~ Blessings to you on this sunny/cloudy day up here in the Pac Nor West ~ Blessings ~

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                    • The True Light!

                      Hey lady! Wow…someone who has actually seen real rain! What’s that like? (LOL…)

                      Things are so bad here in Calif. that even the statewide water restrictions aren’t doing enough. If things don’t change, we are due to run completely out of water in 1-2 years or so…

                      Oh well, I am doing my part. I am also not too worried, it’s all in God’s plans!

                      Always happy to see a comment from you Deborah Ann 🙂 I appreciate your support and your talent for “sticky” thoughts and poetry!

                      You’re a blessing…



                    • deborah ann

                      I used to live in North CA, Bay Area, Fremont to Santa Rosa. Came up to the “rusty” state 20 years ago . . . very pretty, green and WET! When they have water restrictions due to low snow fall amounts I just laugh . . . we average 30 plus inces of rain a year (seems likes each week) as I can remember what a real drought looks like back in the 70’s 80’s and 90’s in CA!

                      Thank you Steve for being a faithful blog follower and for all your encouraging comments!

                      Blessings in Jesus ~

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                    • The True Light!

                      You are so welcome, Deborah Ann…it’s my pleasure to visit your site and to share comments with you and your readers!

                      I can’t call up my exact comment right before this, but I must have told you I too lived in the Bay area…(San Jose-Redwood City) for about 8 years.

                      Yes, it rained…a lot. I was there from 1988-1996. That’s about all I liked however. The housing was way too high, the job I had there was the only one I was qualified for, (not a computer guy 😦 )

                      But as I lived more life, I found that there are good and bad people in every place on earth.

                      I too appreciate your visits and replies, they are always very good!



                    • deborah ann

                      I worked in San Jose for a few years . . . haven’t been there for years and don’t see any reason to go visit. I agree there is good and bad things about every place I lived too. I can’t see me leaving WA even if I rust away it is a beautiful place to live! ~ Blessings ~

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                    • The True Light!

                      I couldn’t agree more with you! No offense to any readers from the Bay area, but It’s just not any place I would want to live again…nor visit!

                      On the other hand, I’ve spent a lot of time in Washington state, and absolutely love it there! Boy, how I wish I had the ability to live there…

                      You are lucky in that way, Deborah Ann. The climate isn’t to everyone’s taste, but I love cold, cloudy, rainy days. And the greenery…it is sooo beautiful!



                    • deborah ann

                      I love those days to . . . as they give me no excuses not to read and sudy the Word! ~ Blessings ~

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                    • The True Light!

                      Read and study the word and grow in the love and grace of the Lord! Blessings to you too, Deborah Ann, and keep inspiring us with those “sticky notes!”



                    • deborah ann

                      Thank you Steve working on tonight sticky right now. So many things that “stick” in my heart to say don;t think I will ever run out of them! ~ Blessings in Jesus ~

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                    • The True Light!

                      Oh, I doubt the Lord will allow you to run out! He knows many people want and need to read them and take them into their hearts…



                    • deborah ann

                      After reading your post about “Moving on” I tossed and turned over in my mind that thought. I too at times feel the Lord wants me to do something more, something different. But, until He reveals what I will just keep on keeping on with those “sticky’s” ~ Blessigns ~

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                    • The True Light!

                      I have a friend who just left his church ministry after 16 years in the same congregation. He felt it was time to go elsewhere according to God’s will.

                      Sadly, the two opportunities he was looking at both fell through! Now, I don’t know what he will do…at least immediately.

                      I suppose he’s doing a good bit of praying, and looking into things. He’s pretty well off with a retirement from the military and his savings/investments for now.

                      But it goes to show you that we may think we hear a “new calling” that may not be God’s will, or, at least it may be a “stop” in the road on the way to something else…

                      You “stick with your sticky’s” Deborah Ann! No one does that like you do, I doubt anyone can!

                      God’s love,


                    • deborah ann

                      I will “stick” to them as long as they “stick” on my heart! What new adventure will you be going on? Let me know so I can follow you 🙂 ~ Blessings ~

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                    • The True Light!

                      Oh thank you Deborah Ann, but I am not sure yet. It may not even be anything to do with blogging.

                      I have a new friend who is starting as our church minister next month. I may see about a program to visit a few of our sick and elderly, (we have many in our congregation)…

                      But that’s just one idea. If I come back to a website, I’ll be sure to find you!

                      Thank you for your blessings and friendship here…



                    • deborah ann

                      Praying the Lord will open doors! ~ Blessings ~


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