I’ve Been Hacked!

Hazard by Tyler Thompsom free photo #5428

I’ve been hacked,
my computer has been attacked
and I’m pulling our my hairs
with the when’s, how’s and where’s.

I’ve been compromised,
my password has been modified
and I’m going crossed eyed
now that my access has been denied.

I’ve been taken down,
I’m not much fun to have around
and I’m doing all I can not to cry
while I figure out the who and why.

I know the devil is behind this,
he’d have my poetry go into the abyss
and he hates what I have to say
for I speak of the truth and the way.

I’ve been hacked,
my computer has been attacked
but I know the Lord has His reason
and I will be back in due season!


Please bear with me as I figure out
this intrusion for my seclusion   🙂

About Deborah Ann

I love the Lord with all my heart and soul. My Holy Spirit inspired poetry tells of my trust in God, my faith in Christ Jesus my Savior and my journey into finding peace that truly passes all understanding. I pray it will be a blessing to all who read it ~ To God Be The Glory! ~ View all posts by Deborah Ann

21 responses to “I’ve Been Hacked!

  • jemiluce

    Please note. This is not a like that you were hacked but your creativity and the faith you have in God!


  • heavenlyraindrops

    I was hacked recently, too. The devil is so NOT funny! when will he figure out that his tactics do not stop us because God always uses our trials to make us stronger! Will be praying for you. God is greater and will get the glory through it all!


  • warmbreezebliss

    Hi Deborah, Sorry to hear this. Praying a final solution….
    Please use a password with numbers, capital letters and if you can symbols. Be sure to keep a record somewhere private.


    • theywhoseek

      Yes, this is the process I am going through right now. I am going to make it very hard for any other hacker to hack me and with the grace of God I will be back! ~ Blessings ~


      • warmbreezebliss

        Great news! So sorry this had to happen but be encouraged…write on, we are all keen to read your posts! Blessings


        • theywhoseek

          Almost all back to normal had to take the last three days and recover from some bug that attacked me over the weekend aches, pain, fever the whole nine yards 😦 Boy, when the enemy of our soul wants us out of the picture he will use anything he can to keep us down . . . but, he’s not gonna stop so I’ll keep on keeping on. This Too Shall Pass 🙂 ~ Blessings to you ~


  • John Axford

    Even if it the hack is not true
    My heart Goes out to you
    I hope it all comes out all right
    and your Computer and you keep sight
    that no mater what others mean to hurt
    god does not want us to be angry or curt

    God can bring a blessing when things are not right
    Especially when we keep from even we are right
    God has all things in the palm of His hand
    We are blessed when on His word we Stand
    We are protected when wearing His armor of Light
    Standing before Him in His great Love shining bright

    May God bless you as you have help bless others so
    You make the words of God shine & set our hearts aglow
    May you be blessed by the words of God on this medium
    We will meet you on the God side of the coming Millennium
    So hold your head up change your passwords and start again
    Take Heart and warm up your head & rhyme redeemed from sin


    • theywhoseek

      I am sitting here changing all my passwords to every account I have. It is ten-o’clock and I am so tired and weary. My new email is up and working and I received your message. It has put such a huge smile on my not so smiley face and a song in my heart for a new day coming. So, I am shutting down and going to bed and will have your rhyme in my heart. What a wonderful way to end the day… Thank you for your encouraging words I will re-read this in the morning and I am sure it will carry me through the day. ~ God Bless You John ~


  • Debbie

    Oh no! I thought this was just one of those cool analogy poems you do at first, but not so! Praying with you and God bless you and carry you through this!


    • theywhoseek

      Nope ~ this one hit home in more ways then one. But, I am getting through the hacker’s damage . . . in a way I feel renewed . . . getting a fresh start on things. Nothing wrong with that! ~ Blessings ~


  • jaels

    So sorry to hear this! Praying fervently now.


    • theywhoseek

      Thank you for your prayers they are needed. I am trimming down the damage . . . but there is so many places to look. But, I am trusting the Lord will be my eyes and counting on His protections. ~ Blessings ~


  • tannyg2013

    You are such a blessing. Your poetry inspires, encourages and edifies! GOD will have you up and going soon enough!


  • darylgstewart

    I do not like that you were hacked, I like it that you could warn us. I am sure God will work this out.


    • theywhoseek

      I was able to figure out some of this, PRAISE THE LORD, but my email account is no longer mine. I have set up a new one, all of this has taken me two full days, two sleepless nights, and two-million prayers. But, I know one thing . . . This Too Will Pass . . .Amen and Amen!


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